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Buble calls the Shots

Michael Buble will be singing at this year’s Shots Media Party! The firm’s Oscar Heijnen, a big fan of the US crooner, told the trade he was trying to book the singer to give a private performance at the July 15th annual bash as Buble will be undertaking a UK concert tour at around the same time.

Oscar even told his staff that if he couldn’t get Buble, he would sing the Buble songbook himself.

But although Buble’s voice will be resonating out at the party it will only be from a CD. Buble’s management confirmed he would be happy to give a 30 minute private performance for guests – but only for $750,000 plus local costs.

“It looks unrealistic but it’s true,” sighed a crestfallen Oscar Heijnen. “Shots Media has a nice budget for the yearly party but this is crossing the border and is outrageous.”

Heijnen grudgingly conceded that him singing Buble may not be the best way of maintaining good customer relationships, so the CD it is.