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Bruno chooses GI Girl

One of the most talked about movie releases this summer has been Bruno, featuring Sacha Baron Cohen, which was good news for Coquette. The company’s five-piece GI Girl costume (style M573), which includes a sexy camouflage cropped jacket top, short hugging-shorts, lycra bikini top, army hat and dog tags, has become associated with the ‘documentary’ starring the gay Austrian fashionista and TV reporter since the LA premiere.

At the premiere of Bruno, Cohen made a grand entrance riding atop a gigantic hybrid fashionable army tank, followed by an entourage of GI Girls sporting Coquette’s sexy Masquerade costume.

“Getting the opportunity to watch your passion being projected on the big screen is beyond words,” Catherine Horea, Senior VP of Coquette commented. “It means so much to have your work chosen for so many others to enjoy the benefits of, especially when it’s something you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.”