Brilliant news from Orion

Posted: September 15, 2016

Orion Wholesale has added five new products to its You2Toys’ Brilliant range. The new models include the USB-rechargeable Lay On Vibe, the Touch Vibrator, the G Vibe, the Mini Vibe, and the remote control Vibro Bullet.

“The Brilliant sex toys stand out from the rest because of their ergonomic shape and their futuristic metallic design,” said the company. “They have a high-quality finish and a great price-performance ratio. Furthermore, the promotional packaging, with 10 languages on it, makes these Brilliant sex toys real eye-catchers in any erotic assortment.”

Contact Darker Enterprises, Orion’s UK distribution partner, for further information.

Darker Enterprises:

[T] 020 8114 1001