Home Product News Brand AID: Cobeco launches new male collection

Brand AID: Cobeco launches new male collection

Brand AID: Cobeco launches new male collection

New from Cobeco Pharma is the AID collection, which consists of five products designed to help users overcome a range of different obstacles that might be preventing them achieving top sexual performance, including premature ejaculation and the inability to maintain an erection.

AID BeSteady spray is said to have a slightly cooling effect on the most sensitive parts of the penis, helping to delay orgasm.

AID BeEnduring is described as a cooling cream that supports sexual endurance, with a nourishing and softening effect that can give the user more control over the moment of ejaculation.

AID BeHarder Penis Erection Cream contains natural plant extracts, including Ginkgo Biloba, and this is said to provide a better blood flow and therefore have a positive effect on the erection.

AID BeBoosted Penis Stimulation Cream is a thin cream based on the same natural plant extracts that contribute to improving the erection, while AID BeBoosted Tablets contain Ginseng in order to support a healthy potency and erection, while also providing extra energy and more stamina.

Finally, AID BeOpen is an intimate water-based lubricant that Cobeco says provides more pleasure and comfort during anal intercourse, having a relaxing and nourishing effect and a thick sliding texture.

The complete AID collection is now available at Cobeco Pharma and you can find out more information at www.cobeco.nl