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Bonershaker launch date revealed

Teatro di Vita, which showcased its revolutionary Bonershaker/Ladyshaker massager at the ETO Show in July, has announced that the product will be available to retail from November and it has also confirmed the trade and retail prices.

Bonershaker/Ladyshaker is the world’s first ‘direct’ mains-powered unisex massager. It is designed to work over clothing and the company claims the sleek, handheld device takes masturbation to a new level with an intense deep-throb vibration that can leave users on the brink of an orgasm for long periods of time.

Teatro di Vita MD Andrew Roberts said: “The Bonershaker and Ladyshaker massagers give a powerful, full, combined mid-rift and genital stimulation not found in battery-powered vibrators. For the man particularly, this is more of a tantric-like experience. The stimulation is not unlike the effects which have been inferred in the familiar adverts depicting the lady sitting on the washing machine for kicks but ours are more easily focussed to the correct areas.”

The massager’s stimulation is carried through the ‘shaker’, a detachable device made of profiled silicone rubber, which comes in different shapes for the male and the female. The male shaker focuses the stimulation on the F-spot – the frenulum – which is one of the most sensitive parts on the penis. The female shaker works similarly and is shaped to caress the top of the pubic mound and the clitoris, and this is claimed to provide an equally powerful experience. The vibration speed of both shakers is adjustable.

Roberts, who has been working on the product for three years, added: “It started out as a male-focused product, but feedback we got from our female testers stated that with this massager they don’t even have to fantasise to orgasm. As the product is unisex, couples can use it together and the male or female shaker attachments can be changed very quickly in about five seconds by our quick-release and ‘snap-on’ shaker mechanism.”

The Bonershaker/Ladyshaker will be sold as a complete kit, offering the unisex massager with both a red shaker for ladies and a black shaker for men. Suggested retail price is £149 (for trade prices see next issue of ETO).