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Bluebird flies into Strictly Broadband

Strictly Broadband has announced that it will be offering movies from Bluebird Films on its streaming site later this month. Bluebird Films became one of the most talked about names in the UK industry when they began shooting several years ago, signing up a number of leading BritPorn names on exclusive contracts.

Although the studio shot a large number of films, it restricted the availability of its content to paying members of its website. At 2009’s ETO Show, the company finally released its first DVDs to the trade, through Erigo Distribution. Late last year Bluebird Films signed a worldwide distribution deal with Private Media Group, and it is under the terms of this agreement that Bluebird’s titles will now be available on Strictly Broadband’s VOD site. Five titles each month will be initially released on the site, with the first five going live during February and early March.

Jerry Barnett, Strictly Broadband Managing Director, said: “We’ve followed Bluebird’s progression with interest over the past few years, and have often had discussions with them about selling their content. However their focus has remained on production and their own website until recently. Now that their partnership with Private has come to fruition, we’re over the moon to be able to offer Bluebird titles to our customers. We know there is significant demand for these movies and I’ve no doubt that sales will be very strong.”