Blow up your Sex Machine

Posted: November 27, 2008

Pipedream Products’ latest addition to its Fantasy Fetish Series is the unique Inflatable Sex Machine. Said to be the first ever inflatable, portable and positionable sex machine of its kind, the product is designed to be used by singles as well as couples.

“The sleek vinyl octagon quickly inflates and holds up to 300 lbs,” said Pipedream Products’ Chief Operating Officer, Nick Orlandino. “It’s made to play hard, with sturdy plastic handles that let users get that perfect angle every time.”

The Inflatable Sex Machine is easy to use and comes complete with remote control. It features a weighted base and octagon-shape, giving consumers the option to try new positions they may never have thought of before, from vertical to horizontal and everything in between.

Each machine also includes two vibrators, a one fluid ounce bottle of Pipedream’s Moist Personal Lubricant, and a matching bottle of Toy Cleaner.

“We’ve included a few bonus items in each Inflatable Sex Machine box because in this day and age consumers like to get more for their money,” continued Orlandino. “We are also certain that once consumers get to use the included sample-sized Moist Lubricant and Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner they’ll be back in your store ready to buy a larger size. So we recommend stocking up on those items when you order the new Inflatable Sex Machine. It’s like nothing else on the market. Other sex machines require a large amount of space and are difficult to hide when guests or relatives come to visit. Ours can easily be deflated and tucked into a closet for safe keeping.”