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Big expansion for Honour Waterloo

Big expansion for Honour Waterloo

The Honour shop in London’s Waterloo, which has been a fixture in the capital’s fetish landscape since 1988, is in the end stages of a significant expansion and overhaul that has seen the floor area expand around threefold. By taking over the vacant shop next door, the Honour store on Lower Marsh Street now has more room to display a wider range of latex and PVC fetishwear, BDSM accessories, footwear, sex toys and more.

Only the ground floor area has expanded for now; upstairs retains the long, thin floorplan which has defined the shop for over 30 years. Fitting rooms at the back of the original store’s ground floor have also been retained, while stock has been redistributed by categories into the recent annex, with displays enlarged to utilise the additional wall space. The three rooms of the new retail area provide additional security challenges over the long store of old, and CCTV covers them with a highly visible screen hammering the ‘don’t even think about it’ point home.

The old shop’s familiar anti-slip metal flooring has been used to give both sides of the store a common feel, as has spot lighting and matching shop fittings. These all help give a coherent look throughout and stops the extra rooms feeling like an afterthought or awkward addendum. Further plans for the space, possibly including a latex shining area, are in discussion. While finishing touches were being applied to the front of the old shop, the door beside the display windows was not in use but it’s probable that this will continue to be the main entrance in future.

When ETO spoke to shop staff they were excited by the ongoing redevelopment and enthusiastic about the changes, especially in terms of the enlarged range stocked. Floor space now exceeds the Watford HQ store’s, although that benefits from backing onto Honour’s warehouse which gives access to the company’s entire range.