Bianca, third member of Pipedream’s UFD ‘girl band’, is shipping now

Posted: August 10, 2018

Pipedream has announced that Bianca, the latest addition to its Ultimate Fantasy Dolls range, is now shipping. Bianca debuted at July’s ANME, and Pipedream says the appearance of the five-foot-four, 38L, strawberry-blonde lifelike love doll was one of the highlights of the show. Bianca is the third member of the UFD ‘girl band’, joining Kitty and Carmen, who burst onto the scene at January’s ANME.

“While we expected the line to do well, we didn’t exactly expect to sell out our pre-orders just as soon as the dolls were announced,” said sales executive Paul Reutershan. “Bianca did not disappoint. She didn’t just follow in her sisters Kitty and Carmen’s footsteps—she absolutely surpassed them and was the centre of the show.”

At 85 pounds, Bianca is the heartiest Ultimate Fantasy Doll, featuring the same materials and skeletal structure as her counterparts, and Pipedream says her soft facial features demonstrate the firm’s mission to elevate each doll to a higher level of realism, and she comes with an extensive care and usage guide, maintenance materials, accessory kit, and promotional materials.

“We have been researching realistic love dolls for years now,” said Pipedream’s chief design officer, Kristian Broms. “We invested a ton of time with the community of users who prize these types of products in order to learn the desires and selling points from the consumer perspective. Now that the potential for mass manufactured love dolls has been reached, we’re very excited to continue the advancements of innovative and accessible lifelike love dolls.”

Bianca is now in stock and shipping. Customers can prepare for the arrival of their dolls by taking advantage of Pipedream’s online marketing collateral at, or by utilising Pipedream’s in-house design department for custom signage, window clings, and more. Customers should contact their sales representative to learn more about promotional materials and to order their Bianca Ultimate Fantasy Doll.