Ben Dover theme park

Posted: November 27, 2008

The latest addition to the Ben Dover merchandise line is a range of 25 car sticker designs, including Official Worldwide Film Crew Parking Permit, which for just £1.99 allows car owners to park where they like.

Of course, they’ll still be ticketed/clamped/towed away, as Ben Dover concedes, but they do have other benefits: “Although I can’t 100% guarantee you won’t get a parking ticket, all the designs will raise a smile and certainly get you noticed,” he said. “Our head of sales, Emma, has ‘Honk if you Ben Dover’ on her bumper and every day she attracts a lot of attention from both men and women.”

The vinyl used in the stickers is a non-permanent clear interior vinyl, which leaves no glue residue when removed, and when placed on the car the clear vinyl is invisible. The spot colour screen print process – in which each colour is made with a separate screen – results in stronger colours which are guaranteed not to fade in sunlight for 10 years.

The Ben Dover car stickers are sold in packs of 25 designs, with 12 copies of each sticker plus a display poster for a cost price of £186. The suggested retail price of the stickers ranges from £1.99 to £3.99, giving the retailer a 4x mark-up, and individual designs which prove popular can be re-ordered on their own.

For more details contact Ben Dover on 020 7858 0220 or Butler White on 0844 500 2000.