Home Industry News Back to basics: Loving Joy adds Mini G-spot vibe to its catalogue

Back to basics: Loving Joy adds Mini G-spot vibe to its catalogue

Back to basics: Loving Joy adds Mini G-spot vibe to its catalogue

After releasing a number of Loving Joy branded upmarket toys over the last couple of months, distributor Net 1on1 has now unveiled a version of a product that has been a toy box staple for years.

“Our newest Loving Joy addition, the Mini G-spot Vibrator is very easy to use,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “It works with a single AA battery and its vibrations can be controlled with a simple twist-and-go controller at the base of the toy – it can’t get more convenient than that! Luckily, we didn’t have to sacrifice power in order to simplify other functions, so this Loving Joy toy still packs a punch in its powerful motor. It is made from PU coated ABS plastic so it feels smooth to the touch and it can provide the firmness needed to sufficiently target the G-spot. We are also drawn to the colour of this toy, we don’t really have any other lavender products in our catalogue, so it’s a welcomed change to the pink and purple we usually go for.”

As Gonzalez emphasised in an interview in last month’s ETO, ease of use has great appeal to both new users of sex toys and retailers who make their living from classic toys. When it comes to G-spot stimulation, says Gonzalez, it’s all about the shape and so, small, slightly curved vibrators with a flat tip are sought after by consumers looking for an affordable way to experiment with this type of pleasure.

He continued: “We’ve been very focused on launching high end, silicone toys this year and we are so excited that the Flex, the Flux and the Tux are finally all available for our customers but we know that there’s always demand for more classic toys on the market too, and we’ve been looking for a good G-spot stimulator for a while now, so we are very happy to present this product to our customers.”

The Loving Joy Mini G-Spot Vibrator will be available from early November and it is expected to cost around£3.20, though additional discounts are available through Net 1on1’s tiered pricing system.

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