Back to Basics: CalExotics unveils more Dr Laura Berman lines

Posted: June 22, 2018

CalExotics has added four new products to its Dr Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collection and produced a series of videos starring the sex educator which provides information about her product line, as well as answering sexual health and wellness questions.

“Dr Laura Berman’s trusted expertise in the area of sexual health and wellness has been invaluable to us,” said Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics. “Our mission is to help people improve their sexual health and wellness, and these new products do just that. We are proud to include them in the Dr Laura Berman Collection.”

The new arrivals include the Alena™ and  Isabelle™ vaginal dilator kits, the Kegel Set™ Silicone Weighted Kegel Exercisers, and he Palm-Sized Silicone Massager. Alena is a set of three gradually sized dilators, while Isabella is a set of two dilators and a vibrating bullet. Each set is designed to help reduce discomfort and aid in relaxing tight muscles. The exercisers in the Kegal Set are also gradually weighted; the larger exerciser is lightweight for beginners, while the smaller exerciser is heavier and said to be perfect for advanced users. Each comes comes with a flexible retrieval cord for easy insertion and removal. Finally the Palm-Sized Massager is a USB-rechargeable massager that offers 10 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. It features a memory chip and a travel lock. All items are made from premium silicone.

All four lines are featured in the video series starring Dr Laura Berman which is available for download or streaming. They can be found on each item’s product page at She can also be found answering sexual health and wellness questions with the Sexual Health and Wellness Q&A series on the CalExotics YouTube Channel.

“So many people have personal questions about sexual issues that they haven’t felt comfortable sharing,” said, Jackie White, executive vice president of CalExotics. “Whether it is how to use a dilator set or how to spice up a marriage, Dr Laura Berman does a great job of answering these private questions in a warm and nonjudgmental way. We hope that these videos will help people feel comfortable taking control of their sexual health and pleasure.”

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