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Baci Lingerie to spend big

Baca Lingerie might be a new name in the lingerie market but it has very ambitious plans. It debuted at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in April 2010 and it was the main sponsor of the event.

Robert Rosen, Chief Operating Officer of Baci Lingerie, said: “Our budget exceeded $1,650,000 just to debut our collection at the show. Our spectacular booth was easily the highlight as buyers and exhibitors gazed in amazement at the beautifully designed 20’x80′ work of art, which contained elegant chandeliers, four 180″ LED television walls showing our revolutionary lingerie and eyelash videos, and 20′ walls which displayed our models and the best photo shoot in the industry. But perhaps the most impressive feature of our booth was the video animation monitors outside of the booth that exhibited the beauty and elegance of our brand in an unprecedented way.”

The company says that the cost of the video animation exceeded $173,000. Baci Lingerie’s brand and logo were also prominently displayed on banners and panel boards throughout the show and the unique videos of its exotic lingerie and eyelash collection could be viewed on twelve 65″ television screens, placed in high-exposure areas, running Blu-ray videos. Baci Lingerie also gave away 4,000 of its designer poker sets, which were in constant high demand.

Rosen stated: “We are already planning to come back to next year’s ILS in April 2011, with a booth that will be twice the size of this year’s. We realise that our booth this year was too small for all the requests and we will need a larger booth to present our next collection and accept orders. We were happy to accept an already high amount of orders, however we did not accept them all, and thank goodness, otherwise we would not have been able to handle all of the requests. That is the reason why we will come back twice as big next year. As this was our first lingerie show we did not really know what kind of response to expect, but an hour after the show opened on Monday morning you could easily tell that the focus was clearly on us. There was a buzz in the air and a real electric atmosphere that could only be described as something truly special and amazing.”

The company has reportedly invested over $25m into its vision of making the sexiest, and most affordable, lingerie in the industry. Over 500 styles will be included in its first collection which will be ready to ship around mid-August 2010. Collection books will be sent out a few weeks before shipment to all its 2,900 pre-registered customers.

The company is currently in negotiations with a UK distributor though more information can be found at www.baci-lingerie.com