B Swish introduces Classic Lines product videos

Posted: January 28, 2014

B Swish has completed its series of educational product videos featuring its Classic Line of toys. The aim of this collection of videos is to inform the viewer of the line’s unique features. The videos are aimed at not only the end consumer but also sales reps and retail staff alike, with the one-minute videos highlighting the selling points and features of the massagers. Each of the massagers that make up B Swish’s entry level line of products has its own video and they can be found on the company’s YouTube Channel here.

B Swish says that the videos are both informative and brand focused, displaying the company’s ‘fashion forward’ look to the viewer. A spokesperson said: “This video series is designed to accompany our other online customer support materials which can be found at us.bswish.com and give the viewer valuable information that can help facilitate sales, especially by our online sellers. Having a product video is like having a sales person standing there explaining to the end consumer what the product has to offer.”