Awards and 100s

Posted: March 5, 2012

I was genuinely amazed as well as delighted last month when I was told that ETO had been voted Best Publication in the inaugural Xcite Awards, not least because we were in a category with some very well respected names with far bigger readerships due to them being consumer magazines. A sincere Thank You to everyone who voted for us.

We are more accustomed to presenting awards than receiving them and we are once again asking you to nominate your favourite products, brands, distributors and retailers for the 2012 ETO Adult Industry Awards. As previous ETO award winners – and now we too – can confirm, it’s a pretty special feeling to receive an award so please take a few minutes to make your nominations for 2012 at

In the next issue we are putting together the first part of an ambitious feature which will attempt to name the Top 100 Pleasure Products. We’ll arrive at this list by lots of arguing among ourselves rather than through votes or sales figures but if you would like to suggest a product for consideration please email me via

The reason we are running a ‘100 greatest’ feature is to mark the fact that the next issue of ETO will be the 100th we have produced. We will be celebrating this in another way too but not by squandering thousands of pounds on a party for a select few industry figureheads – instead in the months leading up to the ETO Show we are going to be giving away thousands of pounds worth of stock to our retailing readers.