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ATVOD cuts video-on-demand fees by 5%

ATVOD cuts video-on-demand fees by 5%

ATVOD, the UK’s Authority for Television on Demand, have said that there is to be a reduction in regulatory fees that website, IPTV and mobile operators must pay to stream content.

ATVOD said that fees, which are OFCOM approved, have been reduced by 5 percent on average after new proposals were made to simplify notification requirements.

“We are very pleased to be able to cut fees for the third successive year and also to reduce the administrative burden through the simplification of notification requirements for service providers — an issue which had been of particular concern to a significant number of our stakeholders,” ATVOD Chief Executive Pete Johnson said.”The outcome demonstrates the effective operation of a co-regulatory arrangement which allows statutory rules to be rigorously enforced in a manner which minimises the impact on compliant services.”

The changes will allow adult entertainment-oriented VOD providers that operate on multiple platforms and devices a simpler solution, with just one fee instead of several, which is capped at £25,000 on a three-band standard tariff, from £732-£12,302, dependant on revenue. There is now also a fee schedule for non-commercial use.

Read the full 2013-14 Fee Tariff here.