Ashley Manta obtains ‘CannaSexual’ trademark in US

Posted: August 23, 2017

Sexuality educator Ashley Manta has secured a United States trademark for the term CannaSexual, which Ashley created to combine the fields of cannabis and sexual health. A CannaSexual is anyone who mindfully, and deliberately, combines sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure whether solo or partnered. Ashley coined the term in 2014 while trying to find creative ways to make sex less painful and more enjoyable. As a sexual trauma survivor, she experience pain with penetration and found that using a THC-infused spray on her vulva before sex helped decrease discomfort and increase pleasure. That led Ashley down the sex and cannabis path and she has spoken at events and conferences across the US and contributed to over 100 articles on the subject.

Ashley commented: “This trademark is groundbreaking and will hopefully pave the way for future growth in the adult and cannabis worlds. It felt surreal to open an envelope from the US Patent and Trademark Office and see my idea, my creation, listed on a page with an official seal. I could not be more thrilled that this idea I had to educate about sex and cannabis would blossom into a sustainable business.”

She added: “After spending time at ANME, I am more convinced than ever that both industries have a long and prosperous future of cross-pollination. I saw manufacturers showcasing their hemp CBD beauty and sexual wellness products right alongside online retailers and brick and mortar shops who carry smoke shop items like pipes and vaporisers in addition to toys and lube. Sex and cannabis can pair so well together and I’m overjoyed to be at the forefront of the movement to promote education and mindful consumption as a CannaSexual.”

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