Art of glass from Love to Love

Posted: October 7, 2015

French brand Love to Love has unveiled three new intimate toys, all of which are made from glass. Respectively designed to stimulate the G-spot, to experience anal pleasure, or for a doubled-ended adventure, One, Full and Bliss come in matching white packaging.

“Simplicity, purity and sleek design are the hallmarks of these new intimate toys, created to satisfy each and every desire,” the company said. “No batteries nor vibrations needed to reach climax – the gorgeous curves and ultra-smooth touch of One, Full, and Bliss are enough to take you there.”

Formed in 2004, with the tagline ‘sex, fun and rock ’n’ roll’, Love to Love describes itself as ‘The Symbol of a liberated and light-hearted way of life, combining humour, quality and design to innovate and always go further in the search for pleasure’. For more information visit or contact distributor Lovely Planet via