Art attack: Einhorn condoms arrive at ABS

Posted: September 5, 2018

ABS Holdings is stocking a new condom range called Einhorn, which offers several points of difference from its rivals. The most obvious is the packaging, which features a wide variety of eye-catching artwork, and each packet contains seven individually wrapped condoms. The products are Vegan-friendly too: instead of animal-based Casein, Einhorn uses only plant-based ingredients for lubrication and no animal by-products are used in the production of the condoms.

“If you love unique sex essentials, you’ll love the brand new Einhorn range,” said ABS. “Each pack of condoms features an innovative design that ensures it’s never overlooked, and the packaging and creativity behind the brand is just as exciting as the product itself. Einhorn condoms are proudly designed in Berlin and aim to change the world – as well as the way that you have safe sex.”

Einhorn condoms have a 54mm nominal length and are bell shaped to give the wearer more space around the glans for extra comfort and a better fit. They also have a reservoir tip. Designs include Secret Crush, Sunseeker, Forest Ballet, Bali, Foodporn, Spermamonster, Love on the Rugs, and Moonshine.

ABS Holdings:

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