Are women sex toy users hypocrites?

Posted: January 8, 2016

Are women sex toy users hypocrites? The results of a survey conducted by Bondage Bunnies, an online sex toy store launched specifically for women, suggest that at least some of them might be. In 2015 the company asked 2,000 of its customers, all of whom had purchased at least one product from the firm in the previous 12 months, how they would feel about their husband or partner using a male-only sex toy without them.

An overwhelming 78% said they would not be turned on, with just 22% saying they would be. And 32% added that it would make them feel differently about their partners.

And despite these women being sex toy users themselves, only 30% said they would be okay with their partners using male-only sex toys without them. 42% said they would not be okay with it and 28% said they would prefer not to know. And when asked if they would like to join in with the action, only 25% said yes.

Laura Smith, head of marketing at Bondage Bunnies, said: “The responses made very interesting reading.  Maybe it’s time to heat the bedroom up with toys for everyone!”

We at ETO think the results would be very different if men were asked the same questions. For more information about Bondage Bunnies visit or follow the company on Twitter via @bondagebunnies and Facebook via

*Image: box artwork of CalExotics Scandal Leash