Apprentice Jenny’s raunchy past

Posted: May 12, 2008

Jenny, the redhead from the latest series of The Apprentice, has been outed as a wannabe dominatrix by the News of the World.

Jenny’s ‘best friend’ Letitcia Doyle told the paper how single mum Jenny dressed in high heels and spanked and whipped a married male executive during a torrid affair, romped with a Sharan Stone-alike lesbian who snorted cocaine off her thighs and regularly flaunted her body on Spanish nudist beaches.

Letitcia is quoted as saying: “She is a control freak and an exhibitionist—and is happy to parade around nude. It’s just one of her little quirks. She’s got a great figure and doesn’t mind showing it off, and she reckons her bottom is her best bit. She needs to be in charge both in and out of the bedroom. She likes men to want her—but it’s not the sex that turns her on. It’s the knowing that if she chooses to she can. Then, as soon as she knows she can, she loses interest. It’s all in the chase.”

Jenny was fired from The Apprentice last week. Our favourite Jenny moment in the latest series came after she reduced fellow contestant Lucinda to tears, saying: “I feel like I’ve got to breast feed you.”

Adrian Chiles, who presents You’re Fired, the follow up programme on BBC2 which is broadcast after the main show, retorted: “Crumbs, how thirsty would you have to be…?”