Appointments: XR Brands recruits Michael Guilfoyle

Posted: July 12, 2017

XR Brands has appointed Michael Guilfoyle as its international sales and marketing manager. The company says that Guilfoyle will manage client relationships with a special focus on partnerships overseas, while improving the company’s communications with its customer base. Prior to joining XR Brands, Michael spent six years in adult sales and retail and he has a further 23 years of mainstream marketing and development knowledge.

“I’m accustomed to the competitive nature of this industry and have always enjoyed working with product lines that require hands-on sales trainings, which makes me a great fit for this role at XR Brands,” Guilfoyle said. “In my years in adult, I led a team that took a product from concept to market on four continents, and I flew more than 550,000 miles to pitch the product in person to make sure our message was clear. I will bring that same dedication and energy to XR Brands while increasing exposure to its product lines and streamlining our international sales efforts in an even more strategic way.”

In addition to supporting the sales and marketing team, Guilfoyle also will provide fresh perspective and vision to XR Brands’ external communications efforts via marketing, social media, and mainstream publicity.

“Michael has an extensive background in marketing and development, which is invaluable to us,” XR Brands’ director of sales and marketing Rebecca Weinberg said. “He has taken multiple products through the entire manufacturing and marketing process, as well as successfully bridged the gap between mainstream and adult. Michael shares XR Brands’ work ethic and drive for success, which makes him a valuable addition as a key member of the XR Brands team.”