Appointments: Topco Sales recruits David Mellinger as new CEO

Posted: September 27, 2017

Topco Sales has appointed David Mellinger as the company’s new CEO. With a career that started with Frederick’s of Hollywood and most recently involved mid-level management at Wal-Mart, Topco says that Mellinger brings a fresh perspective, aggressive business plan, and cost control strategy to a brand that’s almost two years into a complete revamp.

“I have been known in my career as a team builder with big-picture leadership and I look forward to building Topco Sales into an even bigger brand,” Mellinger said. “I plan to add to Topco Sales’ talented team with a strategic and open-minded approach to keeping Topco Sales competitive in this fast-changing industry. [COO] Autumn O’Bryan has done a great job directing the team to regain Topco Sales’ prominent position in this space, and I look forward to learning from and collaborating with this talented team while putting my skills to the test as I help build the next generation of Topco Sales.”

Mellinger will focus on updating procedures and improving efficiency as part of Topco Sales’ ongoing mission to reclaim its place as a figurehead in the adult industry. Additionally, Mellinger will strengthen the B2B side of the brand’s business by combating online discounters and enforcing fair pricing to protect customers’ bottom lines.

“I was given an incredible – and challenging – opportunity to breathe new life into the iconic Topco Sales brand, and now David joins the team to help take us even further,” O’Bryan said. “His years of business experience and passion for innovation make him a strong fit for where Topco Sales is moving and I trust he can make a measurable impact on the way Topco Sales operates in this day and age. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”