‘Anything but vanilla’: Esmale launches Pig aroma

Posted: August 1, 2016

Esmale has launched Pig, which the company describes as the newest and dirtiest room odouriser on the block. “With strong branding and even stronger contents, Pig is for those that know what they want and are not afraid to get it,” the company said.

Esmale believes the jet black with yellow detailing label screams sleaze and will stand out on any shelf, while the masculine angular shapes, fonts and colours complement the sexual connotations of the name. Esmale states that Pig is made from the UK’s strongest legal formula and the company’s MD Jay Kuilder said: “Since the exclusion of room odourisers from the Psychoactive Substances Act earlier this year, we have seen our sales go from strength to strength and the fetish community especially seem to want something new, so here we are!”

He added: “The Pig design is aimed towards those that like their sex with some extra kink. The product will uniquely appeal to the fetish community and those that know that Pig stands for anything but vanilla!”

Esmale says that Pig is already successfully retailing at £9 and is now available for wholesale with an introductory offer of three trays for the price of two. For more information call Esmale on 020 7062 8880 or email sales@esmale.com