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Ann Summers party ends in prosecutions

Ann Summers spoof of John Lewis Christmas ad goes viral

An Ann Summers party host has landed in hot water with the authorities after a boisterous party in Nottinghamshire turned into a violent one over a misheard comment. Kelly Mercer (26) of Radford, Nottingham was joined by Natalie Kennedy (24), also a mother-of-two, in pleading guilty to assault following the boozy party for ten at Mercer’s home.

Guest Jade Haynes lost a tooth, received bruised ribs and was left with two black eyes following the altercation on February 17th last year, when she was dragged into the street by her hair and attacked by the two other women, according to reports. She was wrongly accused of having called Mercer’s children ‘tramps’, which lead to the fight in which Haynes was punched in the face by an unidentified party-attendee and repeatedly kicked in the face and body by a ‘mob of women’ before a neighbour rescued her. Removed to the Good Samaritans’ home, the doors were locked and the police called.

The two women were found guilty of Assault causing Actual Bodily Harm and given eight-month prison sentences, suspended for a year, at Nottingham Crown Court on April the 5th. Kelly Mercer, who is now pregnant with her third child, also has to do 40 hours unpaid work as well as pay £100 compensation to her victim at the rate of £5 per week. Kennedy, who’s given up drinking since the incident, must pay £30 compensation to Haynes at a rate of £2 per week. She will be supervised by the Probation Service. Neither woman worked for Ann Summers and the Ann Summers representative was not involved in the violence.


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