Ann Summers offers dull gift trade-in opportunity

Posted: February 21, 2014

The Ann Summers branch in the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, has a hive of activity post-Valentine’s Day as disappointed shoppers were invited to exchange their unwanted gifts for items more to their taste.

The chain says it was inundated with messages from women who were disappointed by dull Valentine’s Day gifts this year so it decided to do something about it. On Saturday 15th February Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold [pictured] spent the day at the Bluewater store as women swapped mountains of unwanted presents for lingerie, toys and fun sexcessories.

A poll carried out on the Ann Summers Facebook page among its 385,000 followers revealed that the top ten worst Valentine’s gifts people had received were: a plastic rose; socks; a half-dead plant; a Hoover; a Jeremy Clarkson autobiography; an ice scraper for the car; a condom stuck to the car with Sellotape; a loaf of bread; and washing up gloves.

Still on the Valentine theme, the Ann Summers survey revealed that: 53% of people asked were expecting a gift on Valentine’s Day; of those asked, 59% would prefer a sexy gift that can be used together with a partner; only 32% would prefer a sentimental gift; 47% would have liked to receive sexy lingerie however 28% of respondents were hoping for a sex toy; and 71% of people asked were expecting to have sex over Valentine’s weekend.