AndroBath to Make Penis Extension Safer and More Effective

Posted: September 25, 2012

Winner of ETO’s Best Adult Pleasure Products Distributor Award, 2012, Planet Earth, has secured an exclusive distribution deal for the AndroBath water-pressured male enhancement device.

AndroBath is now reported to have many new patent-pending features that separate it from existing water-pressured vacuum devices, improving the consumer’s experience; the main difference being the unique second cylinder, which protects the penis and assists the user in regulating pressure to avoid injury.  Not only does the second cylinder make using an AndroBath feel better, it also improves performance.

Safety features were a key concern when designing the AndroBath, which also features a patent-pending quick release valve and a carefully crafted compression chamber, which minimises the risk of testicular injury.

“We have a strong history when it comes to selling male enhancement devices and we were very excited when we saw AndroBath,” said Planet Earth general manager, Sam Godfrey, on the new acquisition. “Feedback from our product testers was very strong, which is ordinarily a great indicator for consumer response; we are confident whoever stocks AndroBath will benefit from increased consumer satisfaction.”

Designed and built in Europe, AndroBath is finished to exacting standards to ensure each unit is robust and free from manufacturing flaws.

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