Anal range expansion at Net 1on1

Posted: January 29, 2019

Net 1on1 is adding three mini silicone anal vibrators to its anal toys range, plus a new rechargeable strapless strap-on vibe. The distributor says it is fleshing out categories that received less focus in recent months, when it took on a number of bondage products, realistic dildos, and couples’ toys.

Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez said: “We have a great anal category going with brands like Precious Metals, Furry Fantasy, Svakom, Rocks-Off and so on, but new beginners’ toys are always in demand. For every American Bombshell enthusiast, there are another two customers who are interested in anal play but never tried it. They are often scared or intimidated by the size of anal toys on display in shops, so offering them something non-threatening, small and comfortable-looking is crucial. We have three different textures to choose from too – arrow, diamond and spiral – so return custom is expected. People will want all three variations in their collections once they tried one! It’s a PokeButt Go kinda situation!”

The new Dream Toys products are nine centimetres in length and come with a removable single-speed bullet vibrator that runs on a single AAA battery.

“We are also taking on a rechargeable strapless strap-on, and I think having a built-in motor rather than a removable bullet is a game-changer for this type of product,” said Gonzalez. “Pegging enthusiast straight couples and lesbian couples are looking for toys that will get both partners off at the same time and vibration strength is so important for that. We are also big fans of the shape of this product: strapless strap-ons really need to be comfortable on both ends of the stick, if you know what I mean!”

The three Dream Toys anal vibes and the rechargeable silicone strapless vibrating dildo are available to purchase now. For more information visit