Home Industry News All Dicks Penis Candy: more Progress for Kheper

All Dicks Penis Candy: more Progress for Kheper

All Dicks Penis Candy: more Progress for Kheper

Kheper Games has announced the launch of All Dicks Penis Candy, the third product to join its Progress collection. Like Kheper’s other two Progress products – Any Couple Sex! Dice and Sex!!!, The Game for Any Couple, Thruple, or Quad – All Dicks Penis Candy incorporates the licensed Progress flag in its packaging, plus the fruit-flavoured sweets include all 11 flag colours.

“We have seen a great success already in our new line of Progress games,” said Kheper CEO Brian Pellham. “It made sense to quickly follow up the games with penis-shaped candy. The candy allows for retailers to offer something for everyone, since the progress flag incorporates trans and LGBTQ+ people of colour into the Pride flag design. Many groups have felt overlooked in the past, both at Pride celebrations and with the product offered to them in adult stores. We are receiving great feedback already on the games, frequent reorders, and requests to create more items with this all-inclusive message.”

The Progess flag was introduced in 2018 and it adds the representation of trans people and LQBTQ+ people of colour to the traditional Pride flag. Kheper says its use has become increasing popular during Pride celebrations and it has become the one displayed prominently in cities such as Seattle, during 2021 Pride Week.

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