All change at Slube: new branding, new flavours, and a new low price

Posted: December 4, 2017

Slube has been given a total rebrand, from the scents and colours, to the designs, logos and the product itself – and it has also undergone a dramatic price drop. The new scents and colours include cocktails Gin Mojito (green), Piña Colada (milky colour), and Strawberry Daiquiri (red) along with Black Leather (black) and Pure (no colour, no scent).

“We launched the new branding, boxes and designs at EroFame, and we wanted feedback from retailers and distributors relating to the product, so we could go back and get it exactly right before shipping the first batch,” said Slube’s Daniel Miller. “We had no negative feedback whatsoever! The new branding and designs are being loved by the industry.”

He added: “Our new Slube branding encompasses the idea that Slube is fun. It’s not your run-of-the-mill, everyday lubricant. It’s something to excite the senses, something to spice things up, or to lie back and enjoy. The new Slube brand reflects this idea of fun. With our slimmed down, simplified boxes, your focus is drawn to eye-catching symbols identifying each version and we have re-written our instructions, descriptions, and tips in an amusing and enjoyable way to engage the user in the product. Slube is here to change the way we think about sex. Sex should be fun, and we’ve confident Slube can deliver this, and deliver it well.”

Changes to the packaging include a new slimline box, which now includes a euro hook cutout so boxes can be displayed on slatwall as well as shelves, and the artwork has been toned down. “We’ve certainly made an impact in the adult retail industry, and people have grown to know what Slube is,” said Miller. “The box now explains what Slube is in a fun, amusing way, reducing the need for an image. The instructions are now included inside on a flyer, along with warnings and tips on how to use Slube, resulting in a far less cluttered outer box. The packaging is now far more pleasing to the eye, and will help your customers to pick it up and read more about it.”

The release of a clear version was the result of customer demand, and Miller is particularly proud of this: “Our new Pure version features no scent and no colour, and looks like normal water. No one would suspect a thing – until you take a dip. Our Black Leather is still the most popular selling Slube, and we just had to continue with it but we’ve now intensified the scent even more, so you can get your leather hit even harder.”

The product is now available in single and double packs (which contains enough powder for two bathtubs) and even the price has changed – instead of £19.99, a single pack is now £9.99 (£17.99  for a double pack). For more information visit