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AITA: ATVOD is ‘short term solution that penalises UK businesses’

Trade body AITA has once again slammed VOD regulatory body ATVOD in an end of year statement highlighting its activities during 2012.


The statement reads: “Like all responsible stakeholders in the adult industry AITA fully supports the goal to protect children from viewing inappropriate content and has representation on the board of IFFOR (the International Foundation For Online Responsibility). However, the stance taken by ATVOD is, in our opinion, a short term solution that penalises UK business and individuals who trade on a global stage. ATVOD themselves have admitted that it is not a level playing field as they have no jurisdiction over free tube sites hosted outside the UK. As we all know these sites have had a hard hitting effect on the adult industry with many companies ceasing to produce films and the consequent knock-on effect for producers and performers. AITA has lobbied ATVOD throughout the year and will continue pursuing a considered legal option of ATVOD’s alleged outreach and unfair tactics, whilst collaborating with our colleagues worldwide to provide a more fulfilling solution, which allows all companies in this market sector to be treated equally.”


The statement goes on to discuss an HIV scare which hit the UK earlier in the year, which turned out to be a clinic testing error: “During this time we managed the safe suspension of productions until an all clear was established and kept the industry updated with relevant and appropriate information. In response to this incident, in partnership with UKAP, we set up a health subcommittee to establish some new health awareness protocols to manage any future HIV or other health issues. Draft protocol were posted on the AITA website and interested parties invited to an open meeting to discuss at the end of October. As a result of this meeting AITA and UKAP are working with BASHH  (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) and other NHS organisations, private clinics and UK performers to establish a set of protocols which should be ready for implementation early next year.”


The statement concludes by adding that the association has continued to lobby local councils to reduce sex shop licences, acted as a portal for media enquiries and continued to hold quarterly networking meetings, with guest speakers, for its members.


For more information visit www.aita.co.uk