Affordable EPoS for indies

Posted: September 28, 2010

EPoS and multichannel system provider Cybertill has released a point of sale solution specifically for independent retailers with only one store, called Retail Store One.

Retail Store One enables retailers to access and manage their store from any location using Internet access and Cybertill estimates that retailers will be able to reduce their stock holding by anything between 15% – 40%.

“Cybertill has specifically developed this system for single store retailers,” said Cybertill Chairman Ian Tomlinson. “As a business we have listened to what many independents have told us about their experience of EPoS systems. Two of the most common factors have been excessive costs and unsuitable software, which is too often designed for multiple retailers. Hence Cybertill has developed an EPoS system that focuses solely on what a single store retailer requires, and there are no superfluous features. What’s more, it is positioned at an affordable price. The whole system, including software, hardware, installation and training is available at £3,499.”

Cybertill says that Retail Store One provides all the tools for independents to manage every aspect of their business, including reducing stock holding, building a client database at point of sale and raising purchase orders for stock replenishment. Retail Store One also has a flexible back office system, allowing retailers to access reports on the business so they are able to analyse up to the minute information on their business making more informed decisions.

Unlike traditional EPoS systems that run on PCs locally in-store, Retail Store One is a cloud-based computing EPoS solution – retailers access the software over a broadband connection, and Cybertill manages all system upgrades and back-ups.

Tomlinson said: “This means independent store owners do not have to become IT experts overnight and do not face the headache of having to manage an EPoS system as well as run their business. Nor do they need to invest in additional back office hardware, such as servers, just so they are able to access the back office system and reports. Retailers are able to access Cybertill from any location with an Internet connection, so back office reporting can be done anywhere, – at home, on the road, at a suppliers ort wherever and whenever it is convenient.”

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