Advance to Mayfair with PRP

Posted: January 21, 2013

Paul Raymond Publications has announced that its flagship title, Mayfair, has undergone a series of consumer-pleasing improvements and upgrades whilst still retaining its normal list price.

PRP say that Mayfair magazine has seen an increase in pagination, paper quality, circulation and outlet distribution amongst other things. The November issue (volume 47.12) was the first to enjoy an increased print run and the firm says that every copy was sold. This is in stark contrast to the widely held belief that print is in decline, and PRP says this suggests that good, quality content correctly priced and packaged will always have a market.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer our readers a premium product like this,” Mayfair editor Matt Berry stated. “We’re confident they’ll like the new look Mayfair, and we intend to make sure the magazine continues to take a lead in the ever-competitive top-shelf market.”

For more information contact Paul Raymond Publications group advertising manager Mark Hassell on 020 8873 4407 or email