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Adult app store issue

MiKandi, a Seattle-based ‘mobile porn app store’ has been sent a cease-and-desist order from Apple over MiKandi’s use of the term ‘App Store’; a phrase that Apple are attempting to trademark. At the time of writing their exclusive right to the phrase is still pending.

Launched in 2009, founders Jennifer McEwen and Jesse Adams offer Android-based content through MiKandi, including games such as Adult Friend Finder, Pocket Hottie, Sex Positions Pro and iBoobs; a ‘next generation boob bouncing’ app. On the company blog, the company announced a change of policy from app store to app market, around the same time Amazon were also approached by Apple regarding their use of appstore as a description. The blog continued, “Last week, Apple hit yours truly with a cease and desist over our use of the term App Store. And just this week, Apple hit Amazon [with a] suit over their use of the term ‘Appstore’ (too close to ‘app’ space ‘store’ for Apple’s tastes). Amazon gave Apple the proverbial finger and launched the Amazon Appstore this week any way. Our pockets aren’t as deep as Amazon’s (although you can help us out with that by using your MiKandi Gold to buy some apps), so today we’re introducing you to MiKandi- the world’s first app market for adults.”

MiKandi has now replaced every self-reference of ‘app store’ with ‘app market’ while Amazon is currently sticking by its guns and the appstore name for its Android app site. Apple has been attempting to trademark ‘App Store’ since 2008, while Microsoft among others has protested that the term is already a generic one and can’t be trademarked for that reason.

Read more at http://blog.mikandi.com/all-entries/news/legal/introducing-the-worlds-first-app-market-for-adults/