Adrien Lastic making a splash with Ocean Storm

Posted: March 29, 2016

Spanish manufacturer Adrien Lastic has announced the launch of its new Ocean Storm line, and the company is keen to emphasise that it is more than just another vibrating egg. Constructed from dark blue gloss ABS plastic “in a form that is redolent of gentle ripples” the Ocean Storm is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and is said to pack unparalleled power.

The hard ABS shell is said to ensure “that the maximum amount of vibration from the powerful vibrator inside is transmitted to the user’s body” and as it is plastic it is compatible with any lube the user prefers.

It measures 80mm x 30mm and comes with a remote control, so partners can enjoy the product together, in private or in public. The remote features a mode button allowing the holder of the remote to change the settings of the Ocean Storm even if the control is in their pocket. The device offers ten speed settings, three constant and seven with pulsing and escalating vibrations. Adrien Lastic products are distributed in the UK by Net 1on1.

Net 1on1:

[T] 01273 830280