ABS turns over a new Leaf+

Posted: December 5, 2013

ABS Holdings has announced that it has taken stock of the revamped Leaf range from BMS Factory, called Leaf+. Available in four designs and in a vivid new colour – purple – the new models are Life+, Bloom+, Fresh+ and Vitality+.

“The new Leaf+ range takes the four most popular designs from the previous range and makes a few improvements,” said ABS senior sales executive Glenn Wilde. “They have imbued the new range with 30% more power, new functions have been added – each design has three intensities and two vibration patterns – and all models are now USB rechargeable. Each Leaf+ comes with brilliant, nature-inspired packaging and is sure to appeal to all nature loving customers”

BMS Factory president Steve Bannister said: “There has been a lot of excitement over this new collection. Building on the success of Leaf, we’ve introduced a new PowerBullet motor built from the ground up for even more power, as well as adding much desired functions to Leaf+ to offer a new level of enjoyment for the user. We understand that a product needs to be excellent for it to do well. That’s a basic fact. Be assured that on top of the high quality standards we have always had and will continue to have for our products, Leaf+ is designed to stand out in the crowd. The idea behind it, the product, and the box are beautiful.”

For more information contact ABS Holdings on 01202 868 511 or via sales@absholdings.com