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ABS targets party plan sector

ABS is targeting the lucrative home party sector with a new initiative. It includes an unbranded party plan catalogue, the opportunity for organisers to buy demonstration samples at up to 25% discount and two guides for planners; one containing insider tips on selling the products and the other on how to host the perfect party.

Glenn Wilde of ABS explained what prompted the initiative: “We were getting a great many request from customers old and new wanting an unbranded catalogue to enable them to hold their own parties. Obviously there are a few party plan companies out there, but people seemed to want a more sex toy-based catalogue which also allowed them the freedom to decide the ins and outs of the party. We only supply the catalogues and the stock – the way the parties are run, and who gets paid what is all at the discretion of our customers.”

The unbranded party plan catalogue is called Fantasy and it is also available to shops and online retailers of course. It can be supplied with customers’ own artwork on the covers – contact ABS for a quote.

The market leader in this sector is Ann Summers, which claims to hold 4,000 home parties every week, but ABS is intent on becoming a significant player in this market: “We expect to see a big surge in party planners due to the launch of Fantasy,” said Wilde. “Not only do we offer dogma-free party planning, we also have an amazing offer to launch people on their party plan journey.”

Wilde continued: “As we are the biggest wholesaler in the country, we want to be able to offer as many services to our customers as we can. People like choice, and that’s exactly what we offer.”

Party planners can choose from three introductory packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold gives the customer 25% discount on £250 worth of samples (so they pay £187.50) plus they receive 15 copies of the Fantasy catalogue; Silver gives the customer 20% discount on £200 worth of samples (so they pay £160) plus 10 copies of Fantasy, while Bronze customers get 15% discount on £150 worth of samples (so they pay £127.50) and they get five copies of Fantasy. Additional copies of Fantasy are available at 50p each and both Gold and Silver levels include the guides The Insider Tips to Selling the Products and Tips to Make the Party Perfect.

For more information call ABS on 01202 868 511 or email [email protected]