ABS strikes distribution deal for Doxy Skittle

Posted: October 1, 2015

ABS Holdings has announced that it is now stocking the Doxy Skittle, the versatile new silicone vibrator that gets its name from a likeness to a bowling alley pin. The unique design features a raised edge, allowing the Skittle to be used for stimulating a wide range of external pleasure zones, such as the nipples, shaft, frenulum, perineum or clitoris – plus it can also be used internally.

ABS Holdings said: “The Doxy Skittle is a plug-in-and-play vibrator that’s ultra-easy to use. The vibrations vary from a slow simmer to an all-out blaze as you switch from a gentle buzz to an intensely powerful experience. The Skittle features a three-button controller and a 12 foot long lead gives you plenty of range to move and play – perfect for adventurous pleasure seekers. The Skittle is simple to operate and uses basic + and – buttons to switch the intensity higher or lower. The control buttons light up and lead the way in the dark for uninterrupted pleasure. The Skittle can also be switched into an escalating pulse mode for extra after dark thrills.”

ABS Holdings:

[T] 01202 868511

[E] sales@absholdings.com

[W] www.absholdings.com