ABS keeps it simple with Minx, Linx and Kinx

Posted: May 21, 2015

ABS Holdings has introduced the wonderfully-named Minx, Linx and Kinx range to the market, a collection of perennial products that has been given new eye-catching packaging that sports simple key information logos. These are designed to answer every question the consumer might have about the product – so a sale can still be made if staff are tied up or if the customer is too embarrassed to ask for advice.

ABS Holdings international commercial manager Kerri Middleton said: “Minx, Linx and Kinx was born from a range of products that we sell every day. However, there has been a change in the market and people want clear packaging that gives the facts, not the jargon. Entry level pricing makes the Minx, Linx and Kinx range easily accessible to all. We love that beginners can spend a little and gain a lot in terms of exploring new avenues in their relationships or when it comes to amping up intensity during solo play. More experienced players can add products from the range into their play for an extra edge of pleasure.”

ABS has not only simplified the packaging, it has also used limited box sizes for easy merchandising in-store. Kerri explained: “Having limited packaging sizes means that merchandising is now a breeze. When all the cock rings are in the same size box, the days of spending hours with a slatwall style jigsaw puzzle are gone. I’m working with retailers to create custom designed plan-o-grams that work with existing stock, but all of the box size information is available for customers on the website so that they can create their own.”

The range will be featured on the ABS Holdings stand at next month’s ETO Show or for more information contact the ABS sales team on 01202 868511 or email sales@absholdings.com