Home Industry News ABS gets lubed up with new lines from Gun Oil and Wet

ABS gets lubed up with new lines from Gun Oil and Wet

ABS gets lubed up with new lines from Gun Oil and Wet

ABS has added new lubricants from Wet and Gun Oil to its catalogue. The latter comes in water-based or silicone-based varieties in a selection of sizes from tubes to pump bottles. “Gun Oil silicone lubricant is ultra-concentrated, super slick and water resistant,” said ABS. “It is a three-molecule silicone blend lubricant and won’t break down or dry out. It contains vitamin E and aloe vera and restores the tissues in your skin, as well as protecting them and minimizing friction. It is hypoallergenic, unscented and unflavoured and free from glycerine and parabens and safe for use with most non-porous toys – though it should not be used with porous or silicone toys. Gun Oil H20 is a water-based lubricant that’s lightweight and long lasting. It is safe for use with toys and is fortified with special botanicals. It contains ginseng and guarana extracts – these don’t just improve bloodflow, they add sensitivity, making every touch even more intense. It also contains extracts of aloe vera and oat that helps tissue to repair and it is free from glycerine, parabens and scents.”

Following demand from its customers for more products from the brand, ABS has added Wet Organics, Nuru Gel, Wow, Warming Gel, and a range of flavoured lubes to its catalogue. Wet Organics is described as an aloe-based formula with high extracts designed to leave the skin protected, rejuvenated, and moisturised. It contains organic quinoa for skin elasticity, hemp, flax, green tea as well as oat extracts plus tremella fruciformis, an all-natural anti-aging supplement.

“This supplement contains particles that retain 500 times their weight in water,” said ABS. “This allows your skin to absorb and retain even more water for an ultra-hydrating experience that actually reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Wet Organics lubricant also contains sodium hyaluronate, which keeps your skin soft and supple.”

Named after a form of ancient Japanese massage that’s performed with a thick gel while naked, Nuru Gel is water-based and contains hydrating aloe vera, seaweed extract, grapeseed extracts and chamomile flower extract to soothe and calm the skin. “Nuru Gel is perfect for couples who love to touch, tease, pamper and play,” said ABS. “It’s a luxurious addition to couples fun and adds an erotic oriental twist to play.”

Wet Wow is a water-based female arousal gel, Wet Warming Gel is designed for temperature play, and the new flavoured lubricants include kiwi strawberry, passionate fruit punch, raspberry pomegranate, wild blueberry, sweet cherry and juicy watermelon.

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