About ETO

Since its launch in July 2003, ETO has become an essential tool and reference source for every company trading in the UK pleasure products sector.

ETO is a completely independent publication with no links to or connections with any other business within the erotic trade. Published monthly, it’s freely available to qualifying companies, individuals, retail outlets and online stores in the UK and, via subscription, to interested worldwide organisations.


Despite  continuing difficult trading conditions. ETO’s mailed circulation has shown a steady increase over the past couple of years with the addition of more than 500 lingerie and costume outlets and party planners. Including the online version, ETO is read by almost 15,000 industry peers every month. The mailed circulation comprises more than 4,000 requested and individually addressed copies distributed throughout the UK, where they reach almost every single adult-based store and online trader. The magazine is also circulated to both branch and head office levels of the major adult chains, and the head offices of other retailers with an interest in the industry.

Publishers, distributors and service providers in the UK adult industry as well as key companies operating in Europe, America, Asia and Australia also receive ETO.

ETO has been available to read on our website www.erotictradeonly.com since 2008 and averages 8000 unique visitors every month. ETO is currently extending  its reach through social media networks such as Twitter (8.000+ followers) and Facebook (2.700+ ‘likes’). Regular email updates allow ETO to communicate with just under 22,000 addresses worldwide, further extending ETO’s influence into all areas of the erotic trade.


Covering all aspects of the adult market, ETO provides a monthly platform for news, views, reviews and analysis. From the start of 2011, the magazine shifted its editorial emphasis away from the UK legally restricted R18 market, allocating more editorial space and time to products which can be sold by all retailers, such as toys, novelties, lingerie and consumables.

ETO has always treated its readers with the respect that every trade-only title should, whilst retaining a particular focus on the retail environment. In addition to a large number of news pages in each issue, ETO’s regular features include profiles of the market’s major – and minor – players, in-depth examinations of product sectors, mystery shopper reports, and practical advice for retail on every aspect of business – from the in-depth analysis of legislative changes to shop window dressing.


ETO has influenced the way the UK erotic market does business and over the last nine years has proven itself to be a completely trustworthy reporter of the erotic trade, neither displaying preferences nor singling out individuals for unwarranted criticism.

The magazine has also changed the way the UK adult market perceives itself. The introduction of the ETO Erotic Trade Awards in 2005 gave the industry a stage to recognise and reward excellence in every sector from retail to manufacturing, and the unique democratic voting system ensures all the winners are chosen by the industry as a whole – unlike any other awards in the adult market.

At the same time as introducing the Erotic Trade Awards, ETO also launched the UK’s very first trade-only exhibition. Staged in mid-summer alongside the Awards Presentations, the ETO Show has become one the industry’s key events, attracting exhibitors and visitors from America and Europe, as well as every major player from the UK market. In 2016 the organisers took the decision to rest the exhibition and are currently examining venues and formats for a relaunch in 2019.


While press releases are important components in any communications strategy, it is advertising that allows you to persuade as well as inform. Appearing within a greatly respected environment that encourages discussion and provides a forum for lively debate enhances the message of any ETO advertiser.

Whether advertisers are looking to increase their profile within the trade, promote new products or services or make major announcements, they know that having their message included within ETO will ensure it reaches all their customers – and their rivals’ customers – for a fraction of the cost of mailing each account individually.

With the exception of double page spreads and the Directory section, all advertisements, regardless of size, are placed on or facing editorial copy, thereby eliminating so called ‘advertising graveyards’.

ETO reserves the right to censor, or omit, any material which in its opinion is offensive, pornographic or illegal.