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About O Boy (and O Man)

The new releases just keep on coming from The Screaming O, with this month’s debutants being the O Man Vibrating Pleasure Ring and O Boy Vibrating Quickie Kit. O Boy is a disposable item which, the maker says, sets up the up-sale to the O Man, which boasts a vibrating ‘baller’ attachment that wraps around the testicles.

“The O Man difference is the ingenuity of the positioning of the vibrator,” said Screaming O Vice President, Keith Caggiano. “Instead of built on top, it is positioned for full package enjoyment.”

The O Boy is disposable while O Man is reusable with replaceable batteries. Both products are waterproof.

For further information contact Screaming O’s UK distributor Creative Conceptions on 01636 703454 or visit www.creativeconceptions.co.uk