A2Z Europe inks ‘full-line’ distribution deal with Topco Sales

Posted: December 10, 2016

Topco Sales has struck a full-line distribution deal with European distributor A2Z Europe to bring the manufacturer’s entire inventory to retailers across the continent. A2Z Europe’s catalogue solely consists of the brand’s product line, including the latest releases from the best-selling Penthouse collection, and the distributor has dedicated its business model to promoting Topco and its most in-demand brands.

Based in Uden, Netherlands, A2Z Europe now supplies around Topco 800 SKUs. Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said: “The restoration of Topco’s international standing has been a priority over the last few months and this partnership with A2Z Europe is a key move in that direction. A2Z Europe has always supported our brands, and expanding into full-line distribution makes it even easier for our European customers to access our growing catalogue with trust and confidence.”

A2Z Europe sales director Helen Clyne said: “A2Z Europe is proud to be a full-line distributor of Topco products, many of which have become best-sellers and retail staples with evergreen performance. We have a rather unique position as a European distributor because we solely offer Topco products and do not produce our own lines. We share excitement about the new Penthouse deal, as well as the company’s growing cadre of private label goods, and we look forward to an even stronger year of business with Topco Sales.”

For more information about A2Z Europe email helenclyne@a2zeurope.com and for more details about the Topco Sales range visit www.topcosales.com