A trio of new Black Velvets from Orion

Posted: August 2, 2017

Orion Wholesale has added three new products to its You2Toys Black Velvet range, which is aimed at anal pleasure beginners. Orion says the three new lines are made from black silicone and they sport smooth surfaces that are wonderfully slippery when used with water-based lubricant. They also feature design features such as practical loops and narrow handles for a secure fit, and stimulating textures such as grooves and waves for additional stimulation.

The Plug has a slightly curved shape, glans, and grooves, plus a practical suction cup; the Ring & Plug is a more traditional shaped plug mated with a cock ring via a perineum bridge that features stimulating dots; finally the Ring & Vibro Plug takes this a step further by including a phallic shaped plug that has a vibration function. All products are supplied in cardboard boxes with product descriptions in several languages. For more information contact Darker Enterprises, Orion Wholesale’s UK distribution partner.

Darker Enterprises:

[T] 020 8114 1004

[E] ron@thamesroad.co.uk

[W] www.darkerenterprises.co.uk