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A touch of Velvet – new erotic fiction brand announced

A touch of Velvet - new erotic fiction brand announced

The erotic fiction market will have a new brand next year when Velvet Books launches. The new firm, set up by former Asphyxiation Films’ main man Matt Bath, is currently seeking submissions for its initial batch of releases, which will all be compilations of short stories which follow specific themes.

“Velvet Books intends to be a leading brand in the erotic fiction market and we are looking to build long term relationships with authors who can grow with us and share in our success,” said Matt Bath.

Although their content will contain explicit sex, Velvet Books’ titles will feature distinctive ‘soft focus’ artwork which has been designed so that the books can be read in public without drawing attention to the reader.

Far from cashing in on the FSoG effect, Bath says that 2012’s explosion in erotic fiction actually delayed the launch of Velvet Books: “We were looking to launch mid-year originally but decided to wait until the market had settled down again, rather than get caught up with all the me-too erotica that suddenly flooded out,” Bath said.

The firm’s planned release schedule can be found at www.velvet-books.com and it is inviting submissions from both new and previously published authors. Prospective contributors should email their work as a Microsoft Word attachment to [email protected] with a short précis of the story, the compilation title their story is intended for and their contact details.


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