A new Royal family from CalExotics

Posted: May 15, 2017

CalExotics has taken inspiration from the aristocracy with its newest collection of harnesses and accessories, which it has named Her Royal Harness. This regal-sounding assortment consists of three harnesses and a unique probe designed for mutual stimulation.

Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics said: “Consumers are always looking for new and inventive ways to play, and we made this a focus when creating our newest collection. We brought together fun styles, unique shapes, and quality materials to produce a superior collection of products. We know our customers, and the end consumer will love it.”

Her Royal Harness offers three harness styles: The Princess, Duchess, and Queen. The Princess is said to be universally designed for comfort and performance. Its reinforced O-ring stretches to accommodate most probes plus a metal ring is included to ensure secure placement. The Princess also features a fully adjustable T-back design. For more adventure, The Duchess is fully customisable, with waist and thigh straps and a dual ring system. The dual rings are built for dual penetration or can be removed to accommodate a single ring. The Queen comes complete with a back support strap for serious play. CalExotics says it’s made of soft and comfortable vegan leather and features a snap design for use with any size ring, and all straps are easy to adjust to accommodate most users.

All harnesses come displayed on a branded hanger, giving the shopper the ability to touch and feel before they buy. CalExotics says the hanger creates an eye-catching presentation that will help boost sales and attract new users. “We took a very fashion forward approach when it came to the merchandising of this collection,” said Jackie White, executive vice president of CalExotics. “Harnesses are something you wear, and we wanted to treat it as such. The entire package feels like something you’d see at a department store, and this was by design.”

Her Royal Harness also features an accessory designed for mutual stimulation. The Me2 Probe is ergonomically curved to hug the body and offers a bulbous tip for G-spot stimulation. The base also features ridges to allow both partners to receive pleasure simultaneously. For more information on this collection visit www.calexotics.com