A moving story from Mister B

Posted: July 4, 2018

Mister B has announced that its flagship store in the Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam, is moving to a new location in the city: Prinsengracht 192, right by the Homomonument and the Westerkerk. The store has been in the same spot for nearly 25 years but Mister B says the area has changed considerably over the last few years, mostly because of tourism, and because the building no longer suited the needs of the business it chose to move and grasp the opportunity to re-invent the brand.

Mister B owner Nelson Sousa da Cunha explained: “Our store became an attraction for many tourists, but mostly for the wrong reasons. Our customers didn’t always feel at ease with the hordes of tourists coming in, often laughing at what they saw. It is time for us to move to a location which allows us to focus solely on our customers, not the people coming in for their Instagram selfies.”

The Warmoesstraat store will close on August 26th and the new store will open at Prinsengracht 192 on September 1st.