A class act: Kheper Games unveils Acts of Insanity

Posted: March 2, 2017

Kheper Games has launched Acts of Insanity, its new raunchy party game. The game can be played by 4-12 players and it combines the company’s Adult Charades with raunchy questions and answers.

Players divide into teams of two and take turns selecting adult scenarios for the other team to act out. These are created by taking five character cards, five action cards, and five location/object cards. This can result in a scenario such as ‘A Horror Film Killer ‘Breast Feeding’ ‘A Fresh Unwiped Ass’. This is given to the opposing team’s player who has two minutes to act out and give clues to the scenario.

“We are very pleased to present this original game idea while witnessing a huge jump in interest in adult party games lately,” said Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “We strive to offer new, fun and exciting ideas with clever twists on core game concepts, in all the games we create. The amazing reception this game received at ANME [in January] shows that people are ready for something new in adult games.”

For more details on Acts of Insanity by Kheper Games email info@khepergames.com