Home Industry News A choice of Happy Endings now available from Tonga

A choice of Happy Endings now available from Tonga

A choice of Happy Endings now available from Tonga

Tonga has announced that a wealth of new strokers from Global Novelties’ brand Happy Ending are now available to order, including Rinse & Repeat, Just Add Water (neatly abbreviated to JAWS) and MSTRB8.

“The Happy Ending brand consists of multi-use masturbators in discreet, colourful, reusable packaging,” said Tonga.

Rinse & Repeat products are, as their name suggests, reusable – users simply need to add some lube to get the action started.

“These Happy Ending strokers offer a mouth, vagina, and anal design and they have a realistic look and feel,” said Tonga. “The long lasting strokers have a tight textured tunnel that is super stretchy and waterproof and the open-ended sleeves can be used independently or in the squeezable cup.”

The Just Add Water Shower masturbators are compact strokers designed for intense pleasure, and the suction they deliver is said to be intensified by the closed design.

“These mouth oral masturbators, vagina pussy masturbators, and ass anal masturbators add an extra layer of fun to your customers’ solo and partner play,” said Tonga. “A small drop of water is all it takes to make these revolutionary male strokers super slippery and ready for action. The Just Add Water strokers are great to enjoy lube-free stroking in the shower as they are made from a unique material that becomes super slick with just a little water. Just wetting a finger and plunging it deep inside the textured tunnel to get it ready will do. The life-like entry grips the shaft just like the real thing too.”

The Just Add Water range also includes Whack-Pack strokers [pictured]: reusable masturbation sleeves, cuffs and eggs which have the same self-lubricating design.

Rounding out the Happy Ending collection are Shower Strokers, which are available with and without vibration bullets, and MSTRB8, which features transparent pussy, anus and mouth sleeves in a canister. MSTRB8 also offers sets that include a vibrating bullet and three penis rings with the masturbator.

“Since all the Happy Ending products come from the creative brand Global Novelties it’s no surprise that they all have catchy names and sleek designs,” said Tonga. “This way they will be eye catchers in any shop and their names will put a smile on your customers’ faces.”


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