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2012 calendars available now

2012 pin-up calendars are available now from Orion, in six different versions. Kicking things off at the softer end of the scale is Sexy Girls, which features 12 cute girls. Ladies in Latex models are pictured in flamboyant, skin-tight latex outfits while Porn contains a monthly selection of sex, including oral, anal and vaginal images.

For those who consider Porn to be a bit tame there is Extreme Porn, which features rather stronger images, including fisting, double penetration and cumshots. Men features 12 muscular guys in a variety of settings, clothed and nude, while Real Cocks contains a parade of todgers.

All calendars are 297mm x 420mm sized (A3). For further information contact Hauke Christiansen at Orion on 0049 461 5040 210 or email [email protected]